Saturday, 18 April 2020

Scrap Basket Quilt Along 2 - A New Scrap Project

With all our quilt production our scraps are multiplying like rabbits.  I'm running out of bins to gather up my scraps.  It's time for another scrap project, join in the journey!

It never seems to amaze me how well the scraps from many projects just blend together as they were intensionally purchased for the same quilt.  For this quilt I am using a monochromatic grey color palette and a monochromatic cream color palette.  

Consider using a monochromatic color palette in 2 - 3 colors.  

This quilt will include one Solid fabric per colorway to ground the design and bring together the various scrap fabrics.

The first step is to sort your scraps.  If your scraps are not sorted by color, the first step is to sort the scraps by color.

Once sorted by color the next step is to sort your scraps by value.

So here are "some" of my grey and cream scraps.    They look a little overwhelming.

Lets's take this chaos.....

And turn it into this!

Join the Quilt Along and tame your scrap piles.

The quilt will finish 60" x 72".  The quilt is constructed in blocks 6 - 24 1/2" square blocks and 6 - 12 1/2" square blocks.

We will explore block scales and monochromatic color palettes.

Download the instructions for Step 1 from the link below.

Scrap Basket Quilt 2 - Step 1

Feed your soul, take time to create,  It's not about keeping busy.  Its about being at "piece"!

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